Great Memories Are Our Business

At Mojopro we believe that every image is unique, and that some are even GREAT, and we pride ourselves on helping you turn those GREAT images into personalised Photo Books, Canvas Prints or Calendars that will be loved and cherished as memories for years to come.

Who should use our services?

Any professional photographer or photo enthusiast that is taking seriously GREAT images, and wants to pay a seriously GREAT price, for seriously GREAT quality, and get a seriously GREAT turnaround time.

What are our products?

We offer a range of Personalised Photo Books, Canvas Prints and Calendars.  These are available in a full range of sizes for each product.  From 20cm x 20cm photo books to 100cm x 150cm Canvas prints – you name it and we have it.
We also offer a range of different premium finishing options for each product.

What is the Mojopro difference?

The big difference for Mojopro is our brilliant desktop application software called “Mojo Creation “.  Most photo product websites make you spend masses of time uploading your images onto their websites as low/medium resolution Jpegs, and then you create your product in the cloud.

Not so with Mojopro.  It’s an easy four step process with us and it’s all done on your desktop

A Bigger Range of file types to use
The best part of Mojo Creation is you are not stuck with only being able to use compressed JPEG images. That's right you can use any of the following file types: Flattened PSD, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF.

Being able to use Flattened PSD files means you will be able to enjoy clearer, crisper images and sharper, more defined text as well.

Pricing Calculator
Whether you are making something for yourself or you are going to resell it onto a customer our unique interactive pricing calculator makes it super simple to see how much your order will be before you make it. You can also see how much you’ll save if you do multiples of any products or add a special premium finishing option.

Latest printing technology used
We always use top quality digital printing, professional print operators and the latest software and technologies to ensure you get professional grade products every time.